Baltimore Biker Boys:
Above the Law

In the Baltimore City, it is not illegal to own All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV); however, it is illegal to operator one. Despite this, many urban youth ride dirt-bikes, 4 wheelers, and 3 wheelers through the city streets.

This film talks with the riders, the police offers, and residents of Baltimore City.

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Baltimore Murals
Murals in baltimore are in an effort to cover-up graffiti. We hear from the artist and those from the neighborhoods.


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Snowflakes on the Rockies

This is an hour long special that recaps the 2008 Democrat National Convention in Denver, Colorado. The film covers the week long events that accrued up until Barack Obama speech.


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This music video tells the shows of a recovering addict who nearly dies in the allies of Baltimore, Maryland before accepting Jesus Christ.